Terms and Conditions

We have tried to write these in plain english, please contact us if you have any questions.


the website:  these terms and conditions apply to this website www.thepeoplespower.co.uk and any emails from .co.uk domain.

Registered user: This refers to a person who has signed up and submitted their information to for the purpose of collective buying.

Collective buying Power: when a group of consumers come together to take advantage of the group size in exchange for discounts. We can get cheaper energy together!

: thePeoplesPower is the trading name of this website and is wholly owned by thePeoplesPower Community Interest Company, Company Number 05754156, Yew Tree Cottage, Willersley Lane, Cromford, Derbyshire, DE4 5JG.

Fundraising Innovations Ltd whose trading name is energyhelpline is our switching partner to provide market comparisons of alternative electricity and gas offers.  energyhelpline is fully accredited to the Consumer Focus Confidence Code (opens in anew window) to compare energy for domestic consumers. They may also help to provide us with getting offers from energy suppliers.  Their registered address is at Friday Street Farm, Friday Street, East Sutton, Kent, ME17 3DD. UK Registered Company no. 04426857

  1. General terms and conditions

    1. Privacy.  We use industry leading applications to store all personal data and will never pass on, lend or sell your details without your prior permission.  We do use tracking cookies and web analytics to help us make the website as easy for you to use as possible. Please see our privacy policy.
    2. Accuracy of content.  We strive to make all the content on this website accurate and up to date.  If you do find any inaccuracies or errors, please contact us.
    3. Accessiblity.  We want our website to be accessible for everyone.  If you have a problem using the site we are keen to hear from you so we can sort it out.  Please contact us if you have a problem.
  2. Collective buying

    1. offers you the opportunity to register with us so that we can approach energy companies as a large group of people and thus we can all save money on our energy bills.  There is no charge for registering with us.  We can get cheaper energy together!
    2. plans to operate collective energy buying 4 times per year.  However we reserve the right to alter that frequency in line with your demand (and our capacity).
    3. When we have enough people to approach energy companies on your behalf we will conduct a reverse auction.  We have no relationship with any energy supplier and we will offer you the best offer.  We will take a fee from energy suppliers us of £2 per fuel switched and also pass £3 per fuel switched into community based energy advice and collective switching service under the “Cheaper Energy Together” brand.  These charges will be from the electricity or gas supplier (not you!) and will contribute to us keeping the site running.  We are non profit-making and this is explicit in our company set up as a Community Interest Company.
    4. When we send you an offer from an energy supplier, we will let you know how long you have to accept the offer and check that the offer is right for you.  We will provide advice and guidance on how to check the offer is right for you, but it is entirely your responsibility to check the offer and verify that it will save you money.
    5. Any offer we send to you is only available to people who have registered their details on our website.
    6. Whether you accept the offer or not is completely up to you – by registering with you are only requesting for an offer to be made to you and are in no way committing to accepting any offer that we send to you.  We want to save you money and recognise that a deal we negotiate may not be the best available for every household.
    7. If you decide to switch your electricity or gas supply, this is an agreement between you and the new supplier.  is not an energy supply company and has no control over the switching process.  Any problems with the switching process are the responsibility of your new and existing energy suppliers and will take no responsibility for resolving any issues that may arise.
    8. If you change your mind after you have signed switchover forms with your new supplier please contact them.  You will have at least 7 days to cancel your switch without charge.
    9. reserves the right to remove registered users from our collective buying should we think that they are bringing our company into disrepute, abusing our service or behaving in a manner which may undermine our efforts to achieve the cheapest possible electricity and gas costs for other registered users.
  3. Your responsibility

    1. It is your responsibility to ensure that the details you supply when you register with us are correct and kept up to date. Emails we send to you will have a link for you to update your details.
    2. If you want to remove your registration details from our records you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time and your details will be removed.
    3. It is your responsibility to check that offers made by suit your individual circumstances and will save you money.
    4. When adding any content to the website you:
      • grant us an exclusive license to use your content in any manner we choose – for example in publicity materials, printed material or other communications
      • You are fully liable for the content you post and must make sure that you do not add any content that is unlawful or illegal and that your content does not encourage other people to behave illegally or unlawfully.
      • Nor should you add any content that is defamatory, obscene or offensive.
      • You must not use this website to promote your own or your employer’s business without fully acknowledging your interest
      • reserves the right to edit or remove any content which is unlawful or possible to bring the company into disrepute. does not commit to reviewing any content that a user adds to the website.
    5. You must not do anything that will disrupt or damage the website.
    6. We want you to link to our website, however when you do you must ensure that:
      •  Links to our site open not open in a full window and never within a frame on your website without our prior written permission.
      • If we ask you to remove a link to our website you do so as soon as possible
      • Any links you make are fair and reasonable and in no way damage the reputation of and its registered users
  4. Limitation of liability

    1. If we make a mistake, rest assured we will do our best to put things right as soon as possible.
    2. Unfortunately, we will not be able to compensate you for any loss you may suffer as a result of:
      • any inaccuracy or mistake we make with the content on our website;
      • any parts of our website being unavailable or inaccessible;
      • your use of any organisation’s website that you can access from our website or mailing (including any purchase from that organisation and any use they make of the personal data you provide to them);
      • the downloading of any material from any of our websites; and
      • the content added to our websites by people using our interactive services.
      • There is no exclusion of any liability we may have in the event we have been fraudulent or if we are negligent and as a result we cause your death or personal injury, whether in connection with any of our other website terms and conditions.
    3. Intellectual property rights

      1. All the content, images, layout, coding and intellectual property of the website is owned by
      2. You are free to print and distribute the content of this website for the purpose of encouraging more people to register with us, provided that you fully and clearly reference .co.uk as the source.
    4. Governing law and juristriction

      1. You agree to compensate us for any loss that we suffer as a result of your failure to comply with any of our website terms and conditions.
      2. may change any of its terms at any time, although we will only make changes if we think these are either necessary or reasonable.  The changed terms will normally take effect immediately upon publication, although where we think the changes are likely to be important to you, we shall always tell you in advance so you can decide whether to continue using our website.
      3. English law shall apply to all our terms and conditions and any disputes must be heard in an English Court. Nothing in any of terms and conditions affect your legal rights.