Privacy Policy

thePeoplesPower takes your privacy seriously.

We will not sell, share, lend any of your personal information to any third parties without explicitly asking for your permission first.

When you look at a collective switching offer, our switching partner, energyhelpline, will use your contact details to facilitate the switching process and pass on your details to your new energy supplier should you decide to accept any energy switching offer.  energyhelpline will not use your contact details for any other purpose other than facilitating your switch.

Information we collect

We have to collect and store information about you so that we can negotiate with energy companies on your behalf.  This information is collected via the web form you complete when you sign up with thePeoplesPower.

We will also collect and store information on whether you open emails we send to you and any preferences you opt for on the website or via emails.

As with most websites we will collect and store web analytics data giving us information on how you are using our site.  We use Google Analytics software – information google analytics collects (in a new window)

How we store your personal information

All personal information associated with sign up is stored robustly and conform to the appropriate best practices in security.

Raw access and error log files are also collected and stored that include information about browser type, IP address, will also be retained – but this information will have no personal information associated with it.

When you comment on the blog pages, this information is stored by our content management system.


Personal information is stored remotely by our email supplier – MailChimp and within a secure database with access strictly restricted to administrators .  If local copies of your personal information are every required for processing, moving to another email supplier or any other reason they will be permanently deleted after use and only copies hosted  with robust security procedures will retain your personal information.

MailChimp security (opens in new window)


Cookies are small pieces of text that allow us to measure how our web site is being used and for you to have a degree of personalisation, for example when you comment on our site.  Wikipedia explanation on cookies (in a new window)

Our analytics program  also uses cookies – Read how Google Analytics utilises cookies (in a new window).  Our content management system also uses cookies,  read the WordPress explanation of what cookies it sets (in a new window)

Data Protection Act

The emails we send to you from thePeoplesPower include links to manage your information as well as the option to unsubscribe.

In this way you can access and control the information we store about you.

Should you wish to access the information we hold about you directly, please contact us and we will provide this information for a small administration fee.