How to get lower energy bills

How does work?

The concept is simple. Energy bills are really expensive for everyone, but as individual households we have no power to negotiate.  thePeoplesPower believes that by negotiating together, we have the power to get a cheaper, fairer deal.

(February 2018) Our collective energy offer is now open – so Sign Up NOW to get full details.

You can switch your energy provider via our Ofgem approved switching tool at any time – but please note that many collective deals are only available to members – signing up with us is free and there is never an obligation for you to switch via us.

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We are offering £10 per fuel cashback whether you switch by internet or phone (Ofgem had said that all cashback were supposed to end by October 23nd 2013- however, it seems that Ofgem have allowed cashback incentives to remain.  If this situation changes we will have to stop the cashback offer with minimal notice (we will email all members).

We do cashback as we share our commission with you … we think transparency and honesty are important

Collective Energy Switching for Cheaper Energy Together

thePeoplesPower is a UK website where people can sign up their household for the cheapest electricity and gas. Through word of mouth and social networking more and more people sign up.

thePeoplesPower and our switching partner energyhelpline ask energy companies (the big ones as well as most of the smaller ones) to give us their cheapest energy deal.  See full list of electricity and gas companies we will attempt to involve.

With our new collective switching partner, energyhelpline, we show you the best offer(s) alongside how it compares with your current deal, as well as the other alternatives available on the market. You chose the offer that is best for you. You don’t have to accept any offer if you don’t want to.

We will tell you how long you have to decide whether to accept the offer. If you accept it, your details will be passed onto the energy company you choose, and all you need to do is complete the agreement.

At no point are you left without electricity and gas when you switch your supplier.

What do you need to do?

Want cheaper energy?

  • its free
  • no obligation
  • no risk
  • not-for-profit

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thePeoplesPower only works if lots of people sign up, ensuring we get the best offer(s) from the energy companies, and the cheapest electricity and gas for you.

In order to keep costs down (and minimise costs passed on to you), we don’t advertise. thePeoplesPower relies on you to spread the word. Once you have signed up you need to tell everyone about thePeoplesPower. Phone your mum, text your friends, email your colleagues, post it on facebook, or have a good tweet about it.

It is free to sign up

We won’t be charging you for signing up or accepting an offer.  It’s completely free.

How are we different from other switching sites?

Unlike the many other companies out there that offer to help you switch energy companies, we don’t charge a large referral fee.

We charge no fees to you.

Currently (2014) we take a commission of £5 per fuel switch from the commission we receive from energy suppliers and pass £10 per fuel switched back to you as cashback.

We will be completely transparent on referral fees charged to energy companies and declare the fee clearly to you with their offer.

We are a Community Interest Company which means profits will be reinvested in good causes like community energy schemes and the fight against fuel poverty.  So far we have given over £4,500 to not for profits including £2,400 to Age Concern for their surviving winter grant pot.

Community Interest Company

  • not-for-profit
  • social enterprise
  • working for you and your community

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About us

Other Collective Purchasing energy switching sites

Which? have successfully signed up 250,000 in their Big Switch, though there has been a degree of criticism in the media over potential profits (Guardian money article) and the limited number of energy companies they will be negotiating with (Listen to Money Box interview Which’s Richard Lloyd and thePeoplesPower’s Mike Shamash). Recently other collective switching scheme have launched, and we have no doubt that considering the scale of consumer dissatisfaction in the energy market, and the potential profits available, many more will spring up in the near future.

There is absolutely no problem in signing up to as many collective energy purchasing sites as you like. After all, depending on where you live and your energy consumption, different deals will be better/worse for different households.

However, given the lack of transparency in the energy sector we strongly recommend that you check the following:

  • who is behind any collective purchase scheme?
  • what referral fees they are taking from the energy companies?
  • will your details will be used for anything else (or even sold on)?
  • will they be entering negotiations will all energy companies?
  • where will any profits generated go?

Go to our ‘About us‘ page and you can see how thePeoplesPower shapes up when faced with these questions (we’re completely transparent). We think that you’ll not only be impressed with thePeoplesPower, but you’ll also want to tell everyone how great we are too!

In a fixed contract?

You can still sign up and see whether it is worth you switching suppliers with us.  Though you will have to consider any penalties there might be in your contract – but you won’t know if you don’t sign up!

Don’t like the offer?

That’s okay! You’re under no obligation to take it. We will tell you how long you have to accept the offer, and if in this period of time you don’t, the offer will automatically expire.

Want to go green?

So do we. That’s why we also offer you the option of choosing the cheapest, green electricity there is. We will also regularly tweet on twitter, blog on our website and post on our facebook page energy saving tips and the latest news and developments from the world of green energy.

Together, we have the power to go green.

The small print

Only it’s written in plain English and it’s not small. thePeoplesPower is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company – so any profits beyond running costs will be invested in good causes.  Our switching partner EnergyHelpline or thePeoplesPower won’t be selling, loaning or abusing your contact details.  See our terms and conditions.  If you have any questions please contact us.

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