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Collective Energy Switch – offers are live!

(updated 29/06/2016) I must admit I have been a little worried about our latest collective switch.  In February 2016 we got the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs we could fine anywhere (including other collective switches, other comparison sites). Update iSupply have removed their market beating prepayment tariff from our offers […] Read the full article…

April 15th – Collective offers are in!

After 5,500 households joined us in our demand for cheaper energy, we’re excited to announce that we’ve managed to negotiate the best tariffs on the market for you! Our leading negotiated tariff will give the average UK household a massive £316 saving on their annual energy bill! (based on average […] Read the full article…

Cheaper Energy Together

Cheaper Energy Together is our new project that helps households get a cheaper, fairer energy deal through the power of acting collectively. What we’re all about: The Cheaper Energy Together Community Partnership will bring together 30 local and national voluntary, community and public sector organisations to take collective switching to […] Read the full article…

The Power of “we” – Is the UK Switched on to Collective Switching?

The concept was simple; by buying our energy as a collective, we can negotiate a fairer deal, saving UK households millions of pounds. And the public bought it, well at least hundreds of thousands did. But the initial excitement has now died down, with Labour’s recently launched Switch Together scheme garnering little if any attention in the media.

Has collective switching failed in the UK? Or has the public’s imagination, once captured, now ebbed away? Can the collective power of 000s of people change the dynamics in the energy industry? We think so – that’s why we formed thePeoplesPower