Derbyshire agencies fear fuel poverty crisis

Influential Derbyshire-based agencies, including thePeoplesPower, Advice Derbyshire, Citizens Advice Bureaux and Rural Action Derbyshire are all offering positive ways to help Derbyshire residents combat the worrying rise in fuel poverty in the region

Co-operative energy win Which? Big Switch

Reports this morning (11/5/2012) show that the Which? Big Switch Auction has been won by Co-operative Energy.

thePeoplesPower sends our congratulations for the first successful large scale collective energy switch (we know about) in the UK.

Community Energy Stories wanted

We want to hear your successful community energy stories – these could be about how you have gone about getting a community together to embark on a renewable energy scheme or an energy saving scheme

Ofgem guidance on collective purchasing and switching schemes

Ofgem wrote an open letter offering guidance on the legality of collective switching schemes. In general Ofgem “generally welcome” the development of collective purchasing schemes. In particular, schemes which place an emphasis on involving vulnerable or currently non engaged customers were singled out as being particularly welcome. This is good for thePeoplesPower as we place a special emphasis on trying to help people at risk of or suffering from fuel poverty

Solar PV, FiTs and switching your electricity supplier

We have had a few messages from people concerned that they cannot switch their electricity supplier if they have Solar PV Panels on their roof. This is not true.

The agreement you have with selling your solar electricity back to the grid and your Feed in Tariff (FiT) payments are completely independent of each other. There should be no obstacles to you switching your electricity supplier.

Community Oil Buying Schemes

People who have oil-fired central heating know that heating oil prices have gone up very rapidly over the last few years. These rising costs are one of the reasons that rural areas often have very high levels of fuel poverty. A great way to combat these price rises is to start buying your heating oil in bulk as part of a community – and thus get large discounts.

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change supports collective power purchasing!

Blog post on the Energy switching and purchasing round table event with Ed Davey and Greg Barker.

“I believe collective switching has great potential and welcome this approach from thePeoplesPower. Households could save on their energy bills, and energy companies have the chance to talk with potential customers on a grand scale.
I am calling on energy companies to engage with schemes like this, and consider their potential. We need the energy market to work for everyone, and this collaboration is an important early step.”
Edward Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (27/3/2012)

Housing Associations Sign Up To Stop Fuel Poverty

A new collaboration to open up collective energy switching beyond the “switching classes”, Grand Union Housing Group and its subsidiary Aragon Housing Association, and Bolton Community Homes are joining forces with in a bid to bring down the cost of energy bills.

Fuel Poverty and Government Policy

Fuel Poverty is reaching crisis point. That’s why the UK government is now legally obliged to do everything in its power to eliminate it by 2016. However, as Lani Shamash’s investigation shows, there are rising fears that government attempts to meet that target could make the problem of fuel poverty worse.