Best Domestic Energy Deals for November 2019 – The Big Six Strike Back

Up in Derbyshire the central heating has definitely been switched back on.  Usually this is a time of year when energy prices start creeping upwards – but this year is different.

The Big Six Energy suppliers, (Eon, Scottish Power, EDF, British Gas, SSE and npower) after years of haemorrhaging customers to cheaper and more responsive energy suppliers  are suddenly really competitive again.

Of course if you are being supplied by one of these suppliers they may not actually tell you of the cheapest deals they are offering – but we do!

Go Green(ish)

Many of the cheapest energy deals now offer 100% renewable electricity.  This is either from their own production from wind farms, biomass, hydro schemes and solar or via matching their usage by purchasing renewable energy certificates to offset usage.

We can’t think of a good reason to choose a non 100% renewable electricity tariff.

Our Offer

We are a not-for-profit and give back £10 per fuel switched from switching commissions to help you get the best available deal.

Also as a no-for-profit we try to offer you the best possible advice, rather than have our judgement clouded by commissions from energy suppliers.

Find out more about why we give cashback and declare our commission.

We could dress everything up with huge savings – if you are on a standard tariff, you would probably be paying about £1,179 for the same amount of gas and electricity as the offers we outline below – that’s £307 you could save.

Best Deals November 2019

In the last couple of years 17 small suppliers have gone out of business, the most recent being Toto energy last month.

This is normally an issue as the best deals have often been those suppliers who offer the very cheapest deals.  Fo that reason we are not recommending the very cheapest offers.

Switch and Save Now

  • Standard variable tariffs for peiople who don’t remember to switch £1,179 – more than £300 more than the best offers below.
  • We still recommend fixed tariffs … as every-time we recommend a good variable tariff they promptly put their prices up!
  • The image below shows tariffs for average usage (12,000 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh electricity) – your usage will be different
  • Exclusive Collective tariffs are excellent!
    • E.ON Fix 1 Year Exclusive Nov 2019 and ScottishPower Super Saver November 2020 B11
    • Both are 100% renewable electricity
    • Both are exclusive collective deals
  • There are cheaper offers – and if they do go out of business you are protected. See Ofgem FAQs on how you are protected    But its a hassle to deal with, so we recommend spending £20 or so extra and have a bit more peace of mind. (Of course one of the larger suppliers could also go out of business … but we think it is less likely)
  • iSupply has a competitive offer (except in the South West)
  • British gas also has a cheap offer BUT this deal signs you up to a central heating cover THAT RENEWS automatically.  This cover is approx £12 per month …. British Gas think you will forget to cancel it!  (if you do want boiler and central heating cover … then this may well be a good deal for you)
  • We give cashback from our commission.  It usually takes 90 days after your new supply goes live for you to get the cashback …. sorry, we have to wait for the suppliers to pay up!

november 2019 selected energy costs by region


Switch and Save Now

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