The Best Energy tariffs (July 2019)

Now its summer our delightful energy market has reduced prices – maybe they think you will forget to switch.

We could make up a great article about why now is a great time to switch …. but we will spare you that! Our advice is simple – when you get to the end of your fixed tariff and then switch to another fixed tariff.

If you are NOT on a fixed tariff, chances are you will save lots of money by switching.  We do not think that the government’s energy price cap is helpful as its about £350 more expensive than the cheapest deals (for typical household usage)

We have had bad experiences on variable tariffs, so we won’t recommend them – especially as another Brexit deadline is looming in the Autumn that may cause market disruption.

Our Offer

We are a not-for-profit and give back £10 per fuel switched from switching commissions to help you get the best available deal.

Also as a no-for-profit we try to offer you the best possible advice, rather than have our judgement clouded by commissions from energy suppliers.

Find out more about why we give cashback and declare our commission.

What’s happening at the moment?

The big energy suppliers are still losing millions of customers, but are fighting back by offering the occasional good deal – we highlight one later.

Small energy suppliers are also being tested and now 10 have collapsed in the last year. (see the BBC news article on Brilliant Energy Collapse in March – in a new window)

Should I Avoid Small Energy Suppliers?


Ofgem have been clear that you do not need to worry, as they operate a safety net that makes sure you will continue to to receive your energy and your credit balance is protected.

However, its likely to be a hassle and if your supplier goes bust you can be  transferred to a more expensive tariff.

Recommended Tariffs – July 2019

(the following tariffs are annual costs based on typical household usage – 12,000 kWh gas and 3,100 kWh electricity per year averaged out across the 14 supply regions.  Please use our switching site as other suppliers maybe cheaper for your region and your usage)

  • Typical Standard Variable Tariff – £1,046
  • Cheapest 12 month fixed tariff – Outfox the Market – £881
  • Cheapest Big Six 12 month fixed tariff – SSE – £968
  • Worth a look Lumo Online 12 month Fixed (v26)
  • Cheapest long fix Bristol Energy 2 Year Fix Issue 13 Paperless Billing – £1,006
  • Worth a look EDF energy Simply fixed Aug 21 – £1,026 (25 months fixed!)

Switch and Save Now

For 100% Renewable energy

Getting 100% renewable electricity is not always really expensive – the 2 tariffs below are almost as cheap as anything else on the market

  • Green Energy Network Summer Saver – £996
  • Tonik Energy Go Green 1 Year (please check on our switching site)

If you want the Tonik energy tariff – they are offering a special £50 credit (Kulbir K – a volunteer with us gets a credit too!) and is available by this link.  We think this works out cheaper than the Green Energy Network offer for most regions and usage scenarios.

NOTE: – you only get the £50 credit if you use the link above and complete the switch.

Our switching site is Ofgem approved and shows all available tariffs (not just the ones we get commission from)

Switch and Save Now

If you have not used switching sites and need some help – read our quick  How to use our switching site






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