Best electricity & gas tariffs in August 2018

2018 has been a bad year for energy price increases.  Since our last update in July there have been more price increases in standard tariffs.

Summary Advice

  • If you are on a standard variable tariff you can almost certainly save money.
  • If your fixed deal has expired or is going to finish soon its time to switch
  • If you haven’t checked your energy bills for a long time you can almost certainly save money
  • It is quick and easy to check whether there are better deals for you

We share our commission with you, so all tariffs available from our switching site have an additional £10 per fuel switched as cashback.  This is paid about 90 days after your switch goes live.

Fix your tariff

We recommend that you choose a fixed tariff as we do not trust energy suppliers to keep their tariffs low for people on a variable tariff.

All the big suppliers (and nearly all small suppliers) have increased their variable tariffs this year.  Many suppliers have increased their variable tariffs TWICE this year.

If you are someone who forgets to switch their tariff at the end of the term, then you can choose a longer term fix.  (see Recommeded tariffs)

Pay by Direct debit

Paying by direct debit is usually about £100 per year cheaper.  If at all possible this is the best option for getting a cheaper deal

Recommended Tariffs

The cheapest available fixed tariff … comes with a  warning

ENSTROGA – Dual One is the cheapest fixed tariff (across the 14 supply regions) at the moment – especially as you get £10 per fuel switched in additional cashback.

This tariff COMES WITH A WARNING.  Enstroga is a large European energy supplier and has a poor rating for customer service.

See Trustpilot review of Enstroga

Other Tariffs

EDF Energy – Easy Online Exclusive Sep19

This tariff is not available across all regions, but is one of the cheaper tariffs from a supplier which does not have terrible customer service

Other alternatives in regions where this is not available are:

Gulf Home Fixed 12 August 19 v1
E.ON Go Online 1 Year v16 Paperless
npower Broker Exclusive Fix September 2019

Longer term fixed tariffs

At the moment there seems to be a larger than normal increase in price for longer term fixes.  These are great if you are one of the many people who forget to switch.

These are 2 year fixes.  They are more expensive than the best 1 year fixes, but cheaper than forgetting to switch!

ENGIE Fixed June 20 v5 Paperless

Together 25 July2020

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How to switch

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