Best Domestic Electricity and Gas Deals – April – May – June 2018

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New Special Offer

(Updated June 2018.  Note there is more recent advice on our blog!) We have a special offer from new(ish) supplier Tonik Energy.  Their prices in June 2018 are slightly higher than they were in April when we first offered this tariff – but it is still amongst the cheapest available.  Nearly all suppliers have increased their prices since April.

We have tested their sign up and customer support and we can honestly say that they have been very good (real people answer the phone, listen to you and help you solve problems … of course this should not be a novelty … but it was a nice surprise).  Other energy supplier review sites also rate them as having very good customer service

Their electricity is 100% renewable and they seem to genuinely want to help people reduce their bills.

What’s more their tariffs are extremely good in almost all regions across England, Wales and Scotland for a variety of different usages.  In all cases we tested they came out cheaper than anything from the big suppliers and were in the top 10 fixed deals anywhere.  We also consider their very good customer service – hence our recommendation.

This is not suitable if you are on the Warm Homes discount scheme or don’t want online billing.

It is suitable if you want

  • a cheap deal – its probably one of the cheapest you can get
  • online billing
  • renewable electricity (its one of the cheapest anyway – the renewable electricity is a feel good bonus)
  • good customer service
  • no exit fees (shows they are confident of their tariff and customer service)
  • you can also get more expensive tariffs that have renewable gas / carbon offset gas)

If you use this link ( you get a £20 amazon voucher after your switch goes through.

(we also get an amazon voucher …. this was the only way we could get money off for you. We aren’t crazy about amazon … but prefer an amazon voucher to nothing! – and what’s most important it gets you one of the cheapest deals on the market with a  £20 voucher)

Their best cheap tariff is

Positively Green – its fixed for 12 months

below are the tariff rates fro the East Midlands … you can see the rates for your region when you see how this compares for you

Electricity Unit Rate: 12.705p per kWh
Gas Unit Rate: 2.904p per kWh
Electricity Standing Charge: 20.00p / day
Gas Standing Charge: 23.64p / day

  • Paperless billing
  • Prices fixed for 12 months
  • No tie-ins or cancellation fees
  • 100% green electricity
  • Don’t offer Warm Home Discount

We recommend that you check whether this tariff is good for you by using our switching engine

(you will then need to use to get a £20 amazon voucher)


The picture below shows the cheapest fixed deals for an average duel fuel user in the East Midlands (April 2018)

Ignore anything that is not a fixed tariff … they can put their prices up at any time.  You can see that Tonik energy is very close to the cheapest.

Image showing Tonik Energy in comparison table

Why doesn’t your switching engine have the cheapest deals?

That’s why we have been talking to small suppliers directly and trying to get you the best possible deal form companies with good customer service and very attractive rates.

Nearly all the best offers are from small suppliers who do not make their offers available with a comparison across the market. This is due to the cost approved comparison sites (like ours) charge for helping you to switch directly.

You can get the Tonik Postively Green tariff via this link to get a £20 amazon voucher (this link also gives us an amazon voucher)

If you choose a deal from our switching site, we share the commission we get with you (£10 per fuel switched) – we don’t think you’ll find anything as cheap via our switching site

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