October Collective Switch – the results

The results of our latest collective switch are below.

Please note for some of the deals (like the winner offer from SSE) are only available to people who have signed up to our collective switch.  You can sign-up here.

Switching help

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About the Collective deals

Sorry have to start with small print – otherwise we’d have to provide about 20 pages of numbers.

The prices below are based on an average across the 14 different supply regions for an average bill.

The figures are based  on 12,000 kWh Gas and 3,100 kWh electricity per year.

The typical cost of a UK gas and electricity bill is currently £1,135 a year, this is the average cost of a Big Six supplier standard gas and electricity tariff, paid by monthly direct debit for an average usage home and the savings are against a typical bill for the same usage for someone on a standard variable tariff.

If you are already on a good fixed tariff the savings will be lower.  One of our volunteers, Kulbir, did a switch last week – so if you are interested keep reading to the bottom of the page to see what she did.

If you are a high energy user on a bad tariff the savings will be much higher – many people can save over £500.

You will see a full market comparison at our switching site (nothing is removed AND there is an additional £10 in cashback per fuel switched as we share our commission with you)

Winning collective deal SSE -1 year fixedCollective switch winning deals October 2017

What did we do?

(updated April 2018)

This is a variable tariff …. and of course at the end of March the tariffs went up – no longer making this good value.  As the tariff has no fee, we have recommended another switch – this time to a fixed tariff – see April 2018 advice 

Kulbir says Pure Planet were fine – but she is in credit with them …. we will see if they remember to refund the credit they owe.

We won’t be recommending a variable tariff for a while!


We often get asked what did we switch to.  This year one of our volunteers Kulbir, asked what she should do.  She wanted 100% renewable electricity and also wanted to switch to a small company as she has had a few bad experiences with the some of the Big Six Suppliers.

She decided to switch to a small “green” supplier – Pure Planet.

NOTE: she made us promise to monitor it for her as this is variable tariff.  Kulbir does not receive the warm home discount and is happy to manage her energy supply via her mobile phone.

If you don’t use a smartphone, don’t pay by direct debit, OR are in receipt of the Warm Home Discount this offer is NOT for you.

So why did she like this tariff?

  • Its free to switch again if they put their prices up (there is no lock in period)
  • 100% renewable electricity was important for her
  • She wanted something cheap (for her it was approximately as cheap as any of the collective offers)
  • The gas they use is 100% offset so this is about as green as you can get
  • She could see how this offer compared with the others on our switching site
  • Pure Planet say that their rates are linked to the wholesale price and they pay for the service via the membership fee
  • She liked the fact that Pure Planet have a great rating on Trustpilot

NOTE – This is probably not a cheap tariff if you are a low energy user as the monthly fees push up the cost – If you are an average or above average energy user the rates seem very competitive.

I thought you did not like variable tariffs?

We don’t! We have consistently recommended people switch to fixed tariffs.  Kulbir was convinced by the kWh rates being low and pegged to what Pure Planet pay for the energy.  There is a £10 monthly fee to be a member – which replaces the usual standing charge.

Kulbir is really used to monitoring energy prices … and at worst if the prices go up significantly Kulbir will switch away. There is no lock in period or fee to switch so she feels she has nothing to lose.

If you like the idea of trying this tariff – please let us know

(Note you have to download an app that will help you manage your bill – Kulbir only switched last week so we don’t know how good it is yet – but so far the switch has been fast and the support people have been nice)

this link gives you £25 in Amazon vouchers (link removed) (note – you only get the amazon vouchers from this link NOT via the collective switch site. In the interests of transparency, Kulbir will also get £25 in Amazon vouchers if you use the link above and make a switch).

You can also switch to Pure Planet from our collective switch site and get £10 cashback per fuel switched (as we share our commission with you)


Hope we can save you loads of money …. in any event don’t stay on an expensive tariff!




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