Recommended Electricity and Gas Tariffs February 2017

The following tariffs are all available via our switching site.

Please read “How to use our energy switching site” before you switch

The prices shown are averages across the 14 supply regions in England and Wales assuming average usage as defined by OFGEM 12500 kWh gas and 3100 kWH electricity.

At the moment we are only recommending fixed tariffs for 1 year or more.

All tariffs below come with an ADDITIONAL £10 per fuel switched cash back.  Find our more about our cashback

We think these tariffs are better value for money that the collective switch winners for February 2017

Duel Fuel, Monthly direct debit fixed

12 Month fix PFP Energy Together – March 2018 – fixed 45 Paperless

fixed until 31 / 03 /2018

£900 (£880 with cashback)

There is a £30 early exit fee and this tariff is not suitable for people who get a warm home discount)

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(if you view tariff details on the results page you can see the unit rate and standing charge for your region)

PFP Energy also offer a 20 month fixed contract to 31 October 2018 that is a about £30 more expensive


Fix for 19 -20 Months

iSupply Energy iFix 19 Month Sep 18 or PFP Energy Fixed 2gether October 2018 

A slightly longer fixed tariff from either iSupply energy or PFP Energy.

In most regions iSupply is cheaper,  but in North East and North West PFP energy is cheaper and 1 month longer fix

£925 (£905 with cashback)

Electricity Only

 iSupply Energy – iFix 12-Month Feb18 v2

£ 464 (£454 with cash back)

There is a £30 early exit fee

In Southern Scotland “eon” is a little cheaper and in North East England SSE is a little cheaper

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Green Electricity

Bristol Energy – My Green Plus 1 Year Fix Issue 2 Paperless Billing

(This for gas and 100% renewable electricty)

£954 (£934 with cashback)

There are no exit fees

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Why are cheaper tariffs that are not available via your switching engine not recommended?

This is a tough question.  We have not recommended any tariffs not offered by our switching site for 2 main reasons:

  1. Most of the cheaper suppliers are very new and often have customer service problems.  Tariffs you can switch to via our switching site all have customer service personnel that can help solve any issues.
  2. If you switch via our switching site we can remind you to switch again when your tariff is expiring. All suppliers seem to rely on people forgetting to switch when their tariff ends and move them onto an expensive tariff

Also we share our commission with you so you get an additional £10 per fuel switched in cash back – that makes the tariffs we supply better value for money.

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