Collective Switch February 2016 – We’ve beaten the best deals on the market!

We are really happy that our latest collective energy switch (February 2016) beats the best available deals on the market.

The information below shows the offers compared to the best available duel fuel offer.

Our collective offer average across the 14 supply regions is £731 PLUS we give you £10 cash back per fuel switched. If you switch gas and electricity that’s £31 cheaper than the best available deal on the market!

As some of you know getting your gas and electricity separately is often cheaper than a duel fuel deal – so we checked against these too – and the collective offer is still cheaper.

We even checked against other collective energy switches – and (partly thanks to our cash back) we are cheaper than them too!

See how the offers stack up for an average (as defined by OFGEM – 12,500 kWh gas and 3100 kWh electricity) gas and electricity user paying by direct debit

[table id=6 /]

NOTE: there is an additional £10 cashback per fuel switched – as we share our commission with you

Read how to use our switching site to get the best deal

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