How to choose the best electricity and gas offer


Choosing the best available electricity and gas tariff is not easy with literally hundreds of different tariffs and terms and conditions.


We are committed to helping you find the cheapest option to suit your circumstances – that’s why we put our collective switch offers in with a whole of market comparison.


Our cashback offers are simply passing commission from energy suppliers back to you. Ofgem had planned to ban cashback at the end of 2013 – but this has not yet happened – until it does we will give most of our commission back to you.

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We have teamed up with energyhelpline so that you could see the best energy tariffs available and choose the offer that is best for you. (energyhelpline is a leading Confidence Code approved energy price comparison service. You can see the full list of confidence code approved switching sites).

We have made the switching process as simple as possible – however energy suppliers don’t make it easy – so we have tried to guide you to judge what’s the best deal for your circumstances.

Step 1

Get recent gas and electricity bills that shows your past energy usage and your current energy tariffs

go to Our switching site and enter your postcode

Step 2

Enter your energy usage and tariff information. This is where you can choose to see only gas or only electricity offers

If you don’t know your energy usage, contact your energy supplier and they will tell you your usage in kWh per year.

(see if you have been living in your property for less than a year or need more information on this)

Step 3 (decision time!)

Choose how you want to pay for your new energy deal.

– Note paying by Monthly direct debit is nearly always the cheapest option – but this does not suit everyone. There is also an option to pay in advance for your energy which is often marginally cheaper still – but there are fewer choices.

Then choose whether you want to view “All tariffs” or selected tariffs – Fixed or capped tariffs give you security against price rises for a fixed term.

how to choose your payement method and tariff

Step 4

Review your offers.

When we don’t have a collective switch offer, tariffs are ordered by price and include a service rating for the supplier. The £10 cashback per fuel from us is NOT included in the price nor are any of the offers we have running. See the image below

The Collective Switch winning offers come at the top of the page.  Below these come the full market comparison.

Image showing the collective switch winners

More information on what the results table shows

information on our results page

The length of time the tariff is fixed for is shown under the key features.  Look for at least 12 months of fixed tariff.

In the 2 examples above the Collective Switch Tariff is the cheapest for you by £44 .

Below is an example where the Collective Switch winning Tariff is not the cheapest available – so make sure you scroll down the page to look at the full market comparison.

how to see savings on our calculator results page

Please note that when you select “All tariffs” you have an option to “Jump to fixed or price capped tariffs”.

If you are already on a fixed tariff and there is an exit penalty, the calculator shows a warning. (If you are unsure what to do, we have written a small piece on the issue of whether you should switch if you are on a fixed tariff).

results page 3 showing example with no savings

To fix or not to fix?

Fixed tariffs give you the peace of mind that your energy bill will not increase till the end of the price fixed period. They are sometimes more expensive than the cheapest available tariff, but work out best if energy prices rise significantly.

Over the last year energy bills have gone down but fixed deals have usually been cheaper than variable tariffs, so choosing a fixed tariff is probably a very good idea.

2 year fixed deals are usually significantly more expensive than 1 year fixed deals – This will give added security if energy bills start rising again – but will work out very expensive if energy bills continue to go down.  (We don’t know what is going to happen!)

Any tariff (except those with “Enquire” links) will have £10 cashback from us.

What do I see if there no savings?

Where a new tariff is more expensive than your existing tariff, it is shown in red with a minus “-” sign.  This might happen if you are on a really good fixed tariff, or you opt for a more expensive tariff (for example a long term fixed tariff or a 100% green tariff)

results page 2

Step 5 Choose your tariff and switch

You choose the tariff you think is right for you – then fill in the secure form that sends your details to your new energy supplier.

A switch generally takes about 28 days.

See our Frequently asked questions on switching suppliers for more information

Note: there are several tariffs from suppliers that we have not included in our results tables, either because they have a very poor record for customer service or their published offer is frequently unavailable to new customers.

Switch and save now!

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How long does switching take?

It usually takes about 28 days

Any other questions?

Read our Frequently asked questions

Get help

You can always phone up and get an adviser to help you switch 0800 781 5937

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