Collective Switching Works! – See Our Results From March 2015

(updated 25/6/2016 with advice on how to check a deal and links to some older articles on Collective switching)

Collective switching has now been going in the UK for over 3 years and at last (some of) the results are matching the hype.  So can collective energy switching deliver cheaper electricity and gas?

For those who want a short answer – Our collective energy switches are delivering the cheapest available electricity and gas tariffs  (for average usage / monthly direct debit / duel fuel).

Until recently, the best collective electricity and gas switches were only just beating the best available deals on the market – with some of the poorer offers more expensive than the cheapest deals on the market.  Now 3 years on, the collective deals we are getting (and some other collective switching operations too) are beating the best comparable deals on the market significantly.

We advise people to check any collective energy switch offer against what’s available on the market.  We have always presented our results with a full market comparison.

Note: There is a collective switch in Scotland at the moment that is offering a collective switch at a tariff that is worse than the best tariff from the winning supplier! There is also no comparison to tell customers.

Our last collective switch had an electricity and gas tariff  £57  less than the best available market tariff (for an average Duel fuel/ Monthly Direct debit).  See the table below for the regional breakdown.

Our next collective electricity and gas switch will start after the 29th of June – make sure you have signed up so you get the offer sent to you!
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There is nothing to lose!

We offer the best collective energy tariffs because we are not-for-profit and committed to saving you money – so we give you and additional £10 cash back per fuel switched – this usually makes us about £20 cheaper than anyone else if you switch both gas and electricity.

How can we give extra cashback on collective switches when no one does?

It’s simple – we are happy to share our commission with you and help lower your bills.  Of course it means we don’t make much money from this.

See the table below that shows the offers we got last time we did a collective switch in March 2015.

Our next switch will be June 29th 2015 – so please make sure you have signed up!

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[table id=4 /]

The table above shows the estimated cost for

Duel Fuel

Monthly Direct Debit

Average user (13500 kWh per year gas usage, 32– kWh per year electricity usage)

The map below shows the different supply regions

Distribution Network Operators map

Distribution Network Operators map


10 East England UK Power Networks
11 East Midlands Western Power Distribution
12 London UK Power Networks
13 North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire Scottish Power Energy Networks
14 West Midlands Western Power Distribution
15 North East England Northern Power Grid
16 North West England Electricity North West
17 North Scotland Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution
18 South Scotland Scottish Power Energy Networks
19 South East England UK Power Networks
20 Southern England Southern Electric Power Distribution
21 South Wales Western Power Distribution
22 South West England Western Power Distribution
23 Yorkshire Northern Power Grid

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