Cheaper Energy Together

Cheaper Energy Together is our new project that helps households get a cheaper, fairer energy deal through the power of acting collectively.

What we’re all about: The Cheaper Energy Together Community Partnership will bring together 30 local and national voluntary, community and public sector organisations to take collective switching to those who stand to benefit most. The project has received the backing of the government with a grant from the Department of Energy & Climate Change. Local organisations will be provided with training and guidance materials to raise awareness amongst households that may be at risk of fuel poverty through new and existing channels including advice sessions, promotion material, our website and free phone number.

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The challenge:
– Almost 60% of all households have never switched either gas or electricity supplier, this means that nearly 60% of UK households are paying far more than they need to (we expect them to be able to save an average of approximately £170 ).
– There are approximately 4 million households in the UK which are suffering fuel poverty. Fuel poverty can be allieviated by switching energy suppliers and make homes more energy efficient.

The concept is simple: Cheaper Energy Together helps households get a better energy deal through the power of acting collectively. We’re all familiar with the idea of buying in bulk to get cheaper shopping, and we all know that shopping around insures you get a better deal. The Cheaper Energy Together initiative combines bulk buying with shopping around to try and get households cheaper, fairer energy bills.

What’s new?: Recent collective switching campaigns have had some success, however,no campaign has yet shown a substantial benefit for those in fuel poverty. Using the knowledge and experience of dozens of grassroots, dedicated organisations this project offers a new approach to collective switching which targets the people who need it most.

Find out more on the Cheaper Energy Together website.

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