Best Collective switch coming – why transparency matters

Next week will see our best yet collective switch offer.  Together with energyhelpline we have negotiated market beating energy tariffs you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

All you need to do is make sure that you have signed up and have a recent energy bill to check the best deal for you.

Why sign up with us?

  • 100% free and there is no obligation for you to switch if the deals are not right for you
  • we are a not for profit community interest company run by volunteers
  • we give an additional £10 per fuel switched cash back – this will make our collective switch offer the best
  • we are transparent, honest and impartial

Sign Up Now!

Why transparency, honesty and impartiality matters?

We think people like us that help you to find cheaper energy deals should be honest and impartial – that has meant that for the last year we have been encouraging you to switch straight away as the collective switching deals (until now) have not significantly beaten the best available tariffs on the market.

We encourage people to take fixed tariffs – so you don’t switch and find the tariff suddenly goes up.

For the last 9 months or so, all the best deals have been from small suppliers – so we have encouraged people to take advantage of these offers.

We also remind people when their deal is coming to the end so they don’t get moved to an expensive standard tariff. There are an estimated 12 million households on these expensive rip-off deals – often more than £300 more expensive than they need to be paying

We publish how much commission we take and what have donated to good causes.  We don’t think people should be taking juicy commissions without declaring them to you. (you can find out more on this in the how it works section)

Already on a good fixed electricity and gas tariff?

Help your family, friends or colleagues to find a better energy tariff.  Tell them about us.

It only takes about 10 minutes to switch and the people that haven’t bothered to switch will probably save hundreds of pounds.

It feels good to help people!

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