Community Oil Buying Schemes

(updated 11/9/2012 with new links) People who have oil-fired central heating know that heating oil prices have gone up very rapidly over the last few years.  These rising costs are one of the reasons that rural areas often have very high levels of fuel poverty.  A great way to combat these price rises is to start buying your heating oil in bulk as part of a community – and thus get large discounts.

These schemes get discounts as the delivery lorries, which are expensive to run can deliver to lots of houses close together on each run – this means the heating oil suppliers can save time on their deliveries and also save on their fuel costs.  This saving is then shared with the consumers in lower prices.

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The following schemes are in no way guaranteed by thePeoplesPower – but for obvious reasons we do love the concept – we think collective purchasing is a great idea – and when we got a few questions on this topic and couldn’t find a list of suppliers, we thought we’d put one up here.

Please note most of these schemes often work by charging a membership fee to cover the administrative cost for the scheme.  Most of the schemes below are run by Rural Community Councils – well know and respected local charities.  The schemes seem to save users an impressive amount of money – £30 – 50 per order of 1000 litres.  However, it would be prudent to check the costs of the orders compared to the quotes you have to make sure that the schemes will work for you.

Citizens Advice publish lots of background information on Oil Clubs / Collective Oil Buying/ Community Oil Purchasing – see  and a map with locations for Community oil buying clubs (opens in a new window)

If you know of other heating oil schemes, feel free to contact us so we can publish details of your scheme too.

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Community oil buying schemes in England

Note: These community heating oil buying schemes are not guaranteed by thePeoplesPower. To the best of our knowledge all these schemes are not for profit. (The organisation running these schemes is in brackets. All these links open in a new window)

Berkshire, (Community Council for Berkshire)

Buckinghamshire (Community Council for Berkshire) – (PDF File)

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (Cambridgeshire ACRE)

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (Cornwall Rural Community Council) (email) info AT

Derbyshire (Rural Action Derbyshire)

Devon (Community Council of Devon) 

Durham (Durham Rural Community Council)

Hertfordshire  (Community Development Agency for Hertfordshire)

Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight Rural Community Council)

Linolnshire (Community Lincs)

Northamptonshire (Northamptonshire ACRE)

Northumberland (Community Action Northumberland)

Nottinghamshire (Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire)

Oxfordshire (Oxfordshire Rural Community Council)

Shropshire (Community Council of Shropshire)

Somerset (Community Council for Somerset)

Sussex (Action in Rural Sussex) (contact details only – midway down the page)

Suffolk (Suffolk Acre)

West Of England (West of England Rural Network)

Wiltshire (Community First Wiltshire)

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