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(updated 27/02/2012) are not the alone in wanting fairer and cheaper electricity and gas prices for UK households.  Over the last year many groups have been campaigning for the same or similiar things.  (some of the figures have not been updated since we published this page in early Jan – we will try to update it regularly – but it’s almost a full time job to keep up with all these campaigns)

After you have signed up for cheaper and or greener energy with the People’s Power, take part in these campaigns too!

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Energy Bill Revolution (27/02/2012)

This morning another new energy campaign was launched.  The campaign’s basis is a petition and email your MP to call on the Government to invest the taxes it collects on carbon duties into helping make the UK’s housing stock super energy efficient. This will make people’s energy bills lower as well as help keep us all warmer.

thePeoplesPower is completely behind this campaign – indeed when we created thePeoplesPower we made a commitment to using any surpluses we generate into energy saving or community energy schemes …. however the £4 billion per year the government is estimated to receive in carbon taxes over the next 15 years is a somewhat larger investment.

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End the big six energy fix (15/02/2012)

There is growing public concern about the behaviour of domestic energy suppliers – this campaign believes it is time to end the big six energy fix.  There is an on-line petition (opens in a new window) calling on the government to take action.

Summary of the petition demands:

1) Impose a levy on the Big Six, with funds raised ring-fenced to help people with their energy costs, prioritizing those living in fuel poverty, by making homes more energy efficient.

2) Give the regulator new powers to cap prices and eliminate excess profit.

3) Launch an independent public inquiry into the Big Six so that everyone knows the measures needed to create an energy market that serves the people before profit.

Fair Energy (14/02/2012)

The Independent is running a Fair Energy campaign – plenty of articles and information to help create a “Fair Energy” market in the UK.  We particularly like their advice for people to join an energy collective (because that’s what we are doing and it features thePeoplesPower) – fortunately for you the online edition does not have a picture of Mike.

Demand better from your energy supplier

Ebico, a not-for-profit energy supplier, has launched a petition to demand better from your energy company.  Ofgem, the energy sector’s regulator, is currently consulting with energy suppliers about enforcing changes in the legislation to make energy suppliers behave better.  Ebico and its customers have come up with an excellent “great expectations charter” that they would like Ofgem to enforce.

Ofgem’s consultation is for energy suppliers, not consumers – so to get your voice heard sign Ebico’s petition (opens in a new window).

Another alternative route to have your say would be to contact consumer direct (opens in a new window) and ask them to pass your comments onto Ofgem

Stop the energy rip-off – 38 Degrees

Community Interest Company

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About us

At 5:30pm 9/1/2012 over 30,000 people (us included!) have signed a petition asking the big six energy customers to give us a fairer deal.  (On 18/1/2012 the petition has reached 95,000 and there have been some modest drops in energy prices)

(the petition text)

To British Gas, EDF, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern:

Give your customers a fair deal – cut your prices and don’t cream off huge profits:

  • You use rises in fuel costs to justify price hikes – that means you should cut your prices when fuel costs fall too
  • Cut prices for all your existing customers – don’t limit your best deals to new customers only

Stop the energy rip-off (opens in a new window)

End Fuel Poverty

End Fuel Poverty is a coalition of organisations campaigning to give everybody in England a warm, dry home that they can afford to heat and power. They want the government to commit to the 5 pledges below:
1.  Carry out a national programme to improve the heating and insulation standards of our homes such that they reach the standards of new homes built today.
2.  Commit to improving the homes of all low income and fuel poor households to the standard by 2016.
3.  Oblige fuel companies to provide ‘social tariffs’ to low income and fuel poor consumers – tariffs that offer a better deal than tariffs offered to ‘better off’ consumers.
4.  Improve the incomes of low income households and make sure all eligible households claim the benefits and tax credits to which they are entitled.
5.  Compile a register of the energy efficiency standards of all homes in this country, as part of a detailed plan which shows how the Government will meet the pledges.

Write to your MP to ask them to support the campaign. You can use the excellent WriteToThem to find your MP (opens in a new window)

Find out more about the End Fuel Poverty campaign (opens in a new window)

Final Demand – Stop the big six energy companies taking us for a ride

This is a Friends of the Earth campaign sending a petition to David Cameron.  Over 21,000 people have signed so far (9/1/2012)

(petition text)

To David Cameron,
I want the Big Six energy companies to stop ripping us off. The energy companies stand to make billions by keeping us hooked on expensive, imported, dirty fuel. And your Government is letting them get away with it.
I urge you:

  • To launch an independent public inquiry into the Big Six’s power over consumers and influence over politicians.
  • Not to axe support for clean British energy produced by communities, councils, business and householders.

Find out more or sign the Friends of the Earth Final Demand (opens in a new window)

Affordable Energy Campaign (Which?)

The consumer rights champion, Which?, is campaigning for you to spend as little as possible on energy as well as against hidden charges, confusing tariffs and misleading deals.

Which? identified that the Government is making an extra £200 million a year from the increases in energy prices. In November 2011 they asked the Chancellor, George Osborne to give this extra money to energy efficiency programmes.  Unfortunately he ignored their plea.

Find out more about the Which? Affordable Energy campaign (opens in a new window)

Plug the Debt (Consumer Focus and Citizens Advice)

With the massive increase in energy costs last year there are many people struggling to pay their bills or in debt to their energy supplier.  Don’t panic! You may still be able to switch to a cheaper energy supplier, qualify for money off your bills or free insulation.

To find out about your rights and to access free and impartial advice go to Plug the Debt (opens in a new window)

Spread the Warmth

AgeUK is aiming to make it warmer for older people this winter.  Information and advice on Spread the Warmth (opens in a new window).

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